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Horizon Zero Dawn, one of my favourite games this year, gets its first and reportedly only expansion today in the form of The Frozen Wilds. I've had my hands on it for a couple of days, and while I haven't completed the new storylines I've played enough to tell you what to expect from the new $29.95 DLC.


Earlier today we were talking internally about Horizon: Zero Dawn, how some of us have finished it, those who haven't, and those who are replaying it again. Some are going back to the game ahead of the expansion next week, which got me wondering how often we really replay a game.


You'll spend most of your time in Horizon Zero Dawn fighting giant mechanical dinosaurs. It's the game's most obvious strength, and it's a fun, exciting thing to do. But I want to praise one of the game's subtler successes: a remarkable set of audio logs that stand as some of the best background storytelling of the year.