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The overlap of horror movie lovers and video game lovers is undoubtedly substantial, so it's no surprise that filmmakers have repeatedly tried to appeal to that demographic. The results often range from hilariously wrong to mildly insulting, to the point where you're not sure the creators even know what video games are.


Let's say you've considered watching a horror movie before but didn't know where to start. Let's say the month of October has you horror curious. Let's say I've compiled a list to guide you through several decades of nightmares.


October, the month I watch horror movies the way kids eat candy. For years, my wife and I came up with a list of movies and named the whole thing Shocktober. A few years ago, we started sharing the list, and that's what I'm here to do today. If you're new to horror, check back tomorrow for a totally different list!


Briefly: Some might argue there's no reason to develop another Friday the 13th game, as the NES game is an all-time "classic", but they're making another one anyway. EGM reports Crystal Lake Entertainment has partnered with a developer for a multiplayer game where one player becomes the slasher icon. The game's set for October.