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Invented by German Inventor Hans Beck in 1974, Playmobil has been a toy store mainstay for decades, yet it's never reached the height of popularity enjoyed by the likes of LEGO. That could change this year, as Playmobil gets into the licensing game with Ghostbusters and How To Train Your Dragon.


I was getting my son ready for bed. He’s three-years-old. He can put his pyjamas on by himself. I think that’s pretty cool.

Occasionally he screws things up; puts a t-shirt on upside down, puts his undies on back-to-front.

One day, I tried to correct him. I was certain he’d put his pyjama bottoms on the wrong way round, but he hadn’t. He’d done it properly.

“Whoops,” I told him. “You were right.”

Then my son said something.

He said: “You were wrong and I was right. Sometimes Daddy is wrong.”