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In case you've somehow never heard of her, Kamui is a German cosplayer who started making costumes all the way back in 2003. Known for her amazing armour builds, Kamui found an interesting new way to become a full time cosplayer three years ago -- writing books.


The Australian convention season has been farewelled with one last hurrah -- Supanova Expo in Adelaide. Yes, the year is essentially over for cosplayers, who will now finally clean up all the worbla scraps and abandoned wigs lying around their houses. Before we're done, however, we've got a gallery of some pretty top notch cosplay out of Adelaide to tide you over until next year!


I love Photo Mode and how it has increasingly become a fixture in games. PAX Australia even had a Horizon Zero Dawn Photo Mode exhibition this year.

I dig it so much that I thought - why not run our own in-game photography contest and give away a brand new Huawei Mate 10 as the prize?

Yes? Yes.


If you're serious about cosplay, you have to know how to take a good selfie. It's pretty much mandatory. But sometimes when you're wearing a complicated costume, or you're covered in bodypaint, or you're in a convention centre with unflattering lighting, it’s a lot easier said than done. We asked some experienced cosplayers how they take their best selfies.


The Australian convention season is coming to a close, as the weather gets warm enough disable the average cosplayer. But before we pack our wigs and armour away for the year, there's just a couple of events left. We headed up to Brisbane Supanova to see the sights -- and captured some of them to bring back to you.