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12 hours.

It doesn’t feel like that. Not even close.

It feels like I’m just at the beginning. It feels like I’m still in the tutorial stages. Technically I still am in the tutorial stage.

I’d have finished most AAA video games by now.


When I was 19 years old I lived in New York for three months. The largest city I had ever visited previously was Glasgow, population: 500,000. Tiny in comparison.

For the first week I wandered New York City with my head pinned to the sky, the back of my skull glued to the base of my neck. Complete awe. This place. The scale of it. The possibilities. It’s a miracle I didn’t get robbed.

I’ll never forget my last day in the city.


For the next month Mark Serrels is playing through World of Warcraft for the very first time. He has never played an MMO before. He knows little to nothing about the universe. For these four weeks he is an idiot in Azeroth.