• Kick The NBN To The Curb With These 5G Home Internet Plans

    Kick The NBN To The Curb With These 5G Home Internet Plans

    If you’re unhappy with the NBN, a few providers are offering 5G home internet plans that make for solid alternative options. In some cases when compared to the equivalent NBN plans offered by certain providers, these 5G home internet plans come saddled with a cheaper monthly bill too. A few providers are even offering the…

  • iiNet In Decline: Ex-Employees Share Their Stories

    Earlier this month, we reported on the downfall of iiNet’s Sydney office and the mass redundancy of staff. Since then, more former workers from the troubled ISP have reached out to reveal what has been going on in other offices around Australia. The company has inevitably changed since it was acquired by TPG over a…

  • It’s Been A Rough Day For iiNet’s Network

    Problems on iiNet’s network that started this morning at around 4am still haven’t been resolved, and a subsequent crash of the company’s contact centre has only added to customers’ frustrations. Ten hours on, iNet’s website suggests that a fix may be as many as three hours away.