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Whether you loved or loathed Interstellar (I loved it) you cannot deny the inherent 'coolness' of its robots. Unique, interesting, personable -- the thing about Interstellar's robots that intrigued me was their design. This mini documentary focuses on how and why Interstellar's robots came to be. It's fascinating.


There’s something strange about Christopher Nolan movies. It’s difficult to shake, but near impossible to verbalise. Essentially, it's a lack of internal volition. In The Dark Knight, when Batman is speeding onto the highway in his Batmobile, your brain recognizes this is a 'cool moment that people will later describe to you as cool’, but you’re not really connected with that moment in any real visceral sense. In Nolan movies action (and drama) is often held at a distance.


Despite actually not liking Christopher Nolan's last two movies, I am so, so hyped for Interstellar. The high concept is glorious, the tone of the trailers is spot on. The whole leaving your family behind hits me heart in the feelings. All of this is coagulating into a hype train that has hit peak capacity and speed. I need this movie. Now.


I didn't even like The Dark Knight Rises, I thought Inception was an overwrought mess, but words cannot describe my sheer visceral excitement for Christopher Nolan's next movie Interstellar. This brand new trailer isn't doing me any favours. How can this movie possibly live up to this hype, I need to dial things back a bit!


When was the last time we had a really top notch near-future science-fiction flick? Children of Men? That was a while back. After watching the trailer to Christopher Nolan's latest project Interstellar, my hype levels are stratospheric. Nolan's (in my opinion) hit a duff note with The Dark Knight Rises; this looks like it could be a spectacular return to form.