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I've been waiting a year for this. (cue the Black Sabbath music) Since the announcement of Hong Kong collectible toy company's ambitious new Movie Masterpiece Diecast line of figures -- figures that use actual metal parts -- I've spent countless hours oogling over the images of the Iron Man 3 Mark XLII suit. I almost immediately preordered the figure, and now, a year later and after several delays here it finally is. Was it worth the wait?


For ages, Kotaku's Luke Plunkett has taunted me with pictures of Hot Toys figures, the most spectacular sixth-scale, highly-articulated, true-to-life (where applicable) toys available. Now I've gotten my hands on one -- the Iron Man Mark XXI Midas Armour sold by Sideshow Collectibles and I may have been better off without.


Iron Man? More like Medicine Man. Or, in this Chinese TV spot, Kang Zhi Ba Man. In China, Kang Zhi Ba is a brand of pharmaceuticals, and this commercial is for Norfloxacin capsules, which are used to treat urinary tract infections as well as typhoid fever, intestinal infections and gonorrhoea.


This morning we're looking at the art of Justin Fields, who over the last few years has worked at some of Hollywood's best concept and effects studios, such as The Aaron Sims Company, Amalgamated Dynamics and Halon Entertainment.


Despite the luke-warm responses to Iron Man 3's special China cut, the movie's co-production company is looking to make the Chinese portions (most of which cut from international release) into a short prologue film.


Before a weapon produced by his own company left him no choice but to become a better man, Tony Stark was a textbook billionaire industrialist playboy, motivated by money and power, with a penchant for glamorous things. He was the sort of guy that would create Iron Man 3: The Official Video Game, in which players have the option to unlock every armour in the game immediately for $100.


In Taiwan, Iron Man 3 isn't the only superhero movie debuting in coming weeks. There's another one. HK: Hentai Kamen is opening soon in Taiwan. This is why, according to Wow! News, internet users in Taiwan have whipped up this unforgettable Iron Man 3 and HK collaboration by combining movie posters as a gesture of... support. I think.


The newest teaser for Marvel Comics' upcoming action flick shows a bit more of the drama surrounding Tony Stark as his life blows up around him. There's political tension involving a new President, best friend Rhodey flying around in the Iron Patriot armour from the comics, and Mr Stark himself looking decidedly haunted throughout.


I'm not sold on the Mark XLII armour in the upcoming Iron Man 3. There is just so much gold. But, hey, colour preferences aside, you can at least count on Hot Toys to nail the plastic representation of the thing in adult collectible form.


Iron Man is perhaps the most popular character from The Avengers in Japan. It's not just Robert Downey Jr's performance as the witty, egomaniac Tony Stark, but the iconic sleek red and gold mechanical suit he dons that make the man of gold-titanium alloy that people love so much.