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While many game companies have been contracting in the past several years, Ubisoft exploded in size without many people noticing. In fact, it may soon employ more people than any other gaming company, if it does not already.


It really sucks that Irrational Games is shutting down, and I hope that everyone who was laid off finds new employment soon. It's a bad situation, yes, but for gamers, there's something to be optimistic about — a new digital game by Ken Levine.


What to make of Burial at Sea? Planned as a two-part episodic expansion for BioShock Infinite, it takes us back to where the series began: The majestic underwater city of Rapture. One part BioShock nostalgia trip and one part extraneous BioShock Infinite epilogue, Burial at Sea's first episode falls unfortunately short of both its predecessors.


Irrational Games laid off a small number of employees this week, Kotaku has learned. The studio behind BioShock Infinite, now working on two downloadable content packs for the critically acclaimed shooter, says the layoffs won't affect development of the DLC "in any way".


It may be the fact that there is absolutely no gameplay footage whatsoever, it may be the weird pacing of it — it doesn't really lead to a climax, and ends strangely. It may be the fact that, as people engaged in gaming culture, we come to BioShock Infinite with a different set of expectations — but I can't help but find the newest TV commercial for the game a little bit strange.