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Jurassic World Evolution is a good park building game, reminiscent of stuff like Zoo Tycoon or Jurassic Park Operation Genesis. But one area it has been completely lacking in is rocks. Where are all the rocks? Well, finally, Evolution players are getting some damn rocks and they are very happy about it.


This week, Jurassic World Evolution fans are dedicated to one simple mission: Flooding their virtual parks with stegosauruses. This isn’t because these fans randomly decided the world needed more big herbivores. There is a purpose to their sudden dinosaur obsession. Evolution developer Frontier Development are celebrating their 25th anniversary and are tasking fans with creating and releasing a community total of 25,000 stegosauruses into their parks. Fans have only until January 31 to complete the challenge.


While console fans will only get a chance to build their dino park this week, those on PC have been corralling T-Rexes since the middle of E3. So for those who jumped on the Planet Coaster makers' take on a Jurassic World theme park, how have you found it?


Apart from the hours I'll be binning with Tegan playing with the random street cats that have been nesting nearby, I'll also be doing a lot of this on the weekend: Who's a pretty dinosaur?


A chance to build your own dinosaur theme park and almost certainly watch it all go to hell? That's Jurassic Park Evolution in a nutshell, the upcoming title being hammered out by Frontier Developments of Elite: Dangerous fame. We haven't really seen much in the way of gameplay, but that changes today.