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Magic, like a lot of things right now, is broken in the DC Comics universe. The cosmic energies underpinning every facet of existence have been torn asunder by the events of Dark Nights: Metal and more recently No Justice and the world's finest heroes are still trying to comprehend how to tape it all back together — and Wonder Woman, in particular, is finding that a very challenging task.


We're inundated with comic book movies and TV shows these days. But for a decade now, we've been in the age of the "practical" hero look. And that was fine in the beginning, when everyone was worried about getting regular people to take this genre seriously. But we are far past that point now, and there are some things we demand to see.


The Killing Joke might not have released yet, but it looks like we already know what's in store for the next movie from DC's animated universe: An adaptation of the supernatural hero team up book Justice League Dark. But does the animated movie's existence mean that the long-in-development live action film's chances of happening just got even lower? (Yeah, probably.)