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Of all the polls we've had so far, I'm really proud to say that the Australian game of the year received the most attention and the most votes. It was also one of the most competitive, which I think says a lot about where the Australian games industry is at right now.

I'd argue that, in terms of quality, this might be the best year of Australian games ever.


2015 has been a massive year for console games. Massive. In a lot of ways it's been the year where the Xbox One and PS4 came into their own as must have consoles, not in terms of the tech or the 'newness' but in terms of games you have to play.

Let me put it this way -- choosing my favourite games of 2015 is gonna be difficult. What are some of your favourites?


It's been a strong year for PC gaming. PC exclusives have been in great supply, console ports have been super good, and multi-platform games have been strongest on PC. All-in-all it's a good time to be part of the PC master race (barfs uncontrollably).

But what have been your favourite games on PC this year?


Hello friends! We're approaching the end of 2015 and it's time to start talking about our favourite games of the year.

For reader-voted awards, this is our process: we take your nominations one week. We put it to a vote the next week, then announce the winners the week after that.

Today we're kicking off the awards with nominations for the Australian game of the year.