kotaku gift guides 2011

  • Kotaku Gift Guide: T-Shirts

    At GamesCom 2010, a certain publisher (let’s call them Schmarner Schmothers) gave out a few free t-shirts to publicise a popular video game that never got released in Australia (let’s call it Schmortal Schmombat). It was so ugly that one games journalist (let’s call her Schmacey) said: “Man, I would give this shirt to someone…

  • Kotaku’s Secret Santa Gift Guide

    It’s that time of the year again — the parties, the forced mingling with co-workers, the Christmas Party Committee (CPC) that decides that it’s a good idea to mark the end of the year with lawn bowls (man, has anyone stopped to wonder why it’s the chosen sport of retirees?) and, most tediously, the Secret…

  • Gifts For The Bewildered New Father

    He used to be so well-groomed, full of life and laid back. Now he hasn’t shaved for days, his clothes are covered with milky-white vomit, and he is constantly shifting between half-dead and high alert. He’s a bewildered new father, and he doesn’t even know what he wants anymore.