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It used to be so simple. After consoles and PCs emerged from the collapse of arcades as dominant gaming platforms, a contract existed between the gamer and developer: you give me $90 and I give you about 20 hours of fun in a box. This treaty lasted for over 25 years and through seven generations of consoles, taking the video game industry to new highs and pop culture relevance.


Do you think I'm a bigger tipper than you are? Do you think I remember the name of my kindergarten teacher? Imagine that we're friends and that a video game is asking you these questions. Imagine that it asks you to answer questions about yourself too. For example, if you were the first person on the moon instead of Neil Armstrong, would you have thought of something cooler to say than "One small step for man…?"


Despite listening almost exclusively to talk radio for the past two decades, I've managed to amass an almost encyclopedic knowledge of popular music from the '70s to the present day. Freshplanet's Song Pop has me testing that knowledge against Facebook friends at a disturbing rate.