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Live-Action Games Are Having A Renaissance

Full-motion video games have been around since the early days of VHS, but their implementation of real actors on camera usually felt like gimmicks. Now, though, the way developers are utilising the strengths of real actors on camera is getting really clever, with games such as the creepy and fascinating…

We Need More Funny Video Games

Comedy is one of the toughest things to get right. A lot of what makes humour connect is delivery and timing, whether it be an energetic setup to a deadpan punchline or an awkward silence left to linger in a movie scene.

A Stealth Game Where You Infiltrate A 1970s Cult

A Stealth Game Where You Infiltrate A 1970s Cult

The Church in the Darkness is an indie stealth game out now for Xbox, PS4, PC and Nintendo Switch. In the game, you infiltrate a 1970s cult compound in South America, searching for your nephew. Your objectives, as well as the nature of the cult itself, change every time you…