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Dayshot: Dubbed the Ocalele of Time, this is an Ocarina of Time-inspired, handmade ukulele that also happens to look like an ocarina (albeit with tiny guitar parts attached).


Rhythm Heaven: The Best + is the newest game in Nintendo's long-running Rhythm Heaven music game series. But the moment you boot up Rhythm Heaven: The Best +, you're confronted by a glaring new addition: Unlike the past three games in the Rhythm Heaven series, The Best + has a plot. The story follows Tepiri, a young creature that has literally fallen from heaven and seeks to return. To do this, he must gain the help of the various wacky creatures of the world below.


What music will ring out during your next adventure? What soaring melodies, what elephantine beats, what shocked silence? With each new video game comes a new aural accompaniment, a new collection of custom-made compositions. And so we press the buttons, push the sticks, and lose ourselves once more in the rhythm of play.