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Last night before hitting the sack I set two alarms. One so that I could wake up this morning and come to work, like I always do. Another, so I could wake up at 4am: that's when my vault dweller was supposed to return home.


Threes has become a problem for me. Last night, I was seriously torn between making sure my three-year-old ate her dinner and getting a few more rounds of the new iOS puzzle game in before bedtime. I fed her and then I went back to obsessively doing maths. 'Til 2am. Here's how I feel when I play Threes.


Earlier this year Capcom announced the eagerly awaited sixth instalment of its popular role-playing game series would be an online game for mobile and PC. Fans were angry. Will fresh information and screens of Breath of Fire 6: Guardians of the White Dragon make them happy? Oh come on, it's got Nina in it.


For three years the creators of Cut the Rope have been adding new free level packs to the original game. Both the prequel, Cut the Rope: Time Travel and the spin-off, Cut the Rope: Experiments, have gotten free new content this month. These guys really deserve another dollar. Cut the Rope 2 is our chance.


I often joke, when a bad game based on an existing entertainment licence is released, that all any property needs to do to create a successful video game tie-in is to paste its characters and concepts over an already-proven title. Doctor Who: Legacy is almost proof of that.