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If you ask Boss Key Productions, LawBreakers isn't dead yet. Talk to the game's most dedicated players, and some will tell you the online shooter is ready for the big dirt nap. And, unlikely as it may be, some are clinging to hope that it will one day rise from its ashes.


Boss Key Productions, headed by former Epic designer Cliff Bleszinski, has no plans to abandon LawBreakers any time soon. The developer's entry into the fast-growing collection of shooters aimed at the esports market had a solid launch, but despite a well-crafted product, has failed to sustain a healthy playerbase. Speaking with GameSpot, Bleszinski admitted that numbers could be better and is now embracing a slow-burn approach to build things up.


Video: Cliff Bleszinski and the team at Boss Key Productions are pulling out all the stop for Lawbreakers, a frantic first person shooter that's currently in closed alpha. What's it all about? I played a match and caused some mayhem. It turns out that breaking the law includes a ton of zero gravity action and sweet sword kills. And grappling hooks! Join me for the chaos in this video!


LawBreakers is being billed as an "adult take" on the 5v5 FPS genre. It wants to be the gritty yin to Overwatch's ultra-fluorescent yang and the design team are hoping that cosplayers will get behind this very different art style. There's just one problem: the majority of armour designs are nigh on impossible for the average cosplayer to pull off. Whoops.


This year's PC Gaming Show was neatly wedged between the Ubisoft and Microsoft conferences. But its presence was overlooked by many outlets and questions still remained as to whether it could shrug off the awkwardness of its inaugural year.

Partly in response, the show's organisers responded with a brisk 100 minutes of trailers, interviews and gameplay footage.


Given that other first-person shooters like Overwatch had forgone the potential in a free-to-play model, it was going to be interesting to see how Cliff Bleszinski's upcoming shooter, Lawbreakers, fared.

But the game's business model has now changed, with the company this morning announcing that they would be scrapping the zero cost of entry for a "digital premium model".


PAX South has been kicking along over the weekend and, as is customary for PAX, developers have been advertising their wares in interviews and the showroom floor. One of those developers was Cliff Bleszinski, who's been working with his team on the upcoming 5v5 shooter Lawbreakers.

The 5v5 shooter market is becoming surprisingly crowded, with Bethesda, Blizzard and Boss Key Productions all pitching into the same space. Bleszinski was asked about that directly in a new interview, and his reply was intriguing.