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It's not often that Australian teams win big on the international stage, or against international teams. If anything, it's an upset, an aberration that's quickly rectified in the matches to come. But that was not the story from Rift Rivals this year.


The Adelaide Crows surprised esports enthusiasts and the mainstream press when they announced they were purchasing Legacy Esports last year. In the ten months since, a second AFL club - Essendon - purchased their own team. This weekend, the two teams meet for the first time in the OPL.


Earlier this year the Adelaide Crows AFL club made waves by becoming the first major Australian sporting organisation to buy into esports, via the acquisition of Legacy Esports. And later today, they took another first step for the industry: by building a high performance centre exclusively for esports.


Earlier this year the Adelaide Crows sent shockwaves amongst the sporting and gaming scenes by announcing the acquisition of an Australian esports team, Legacy Esports, for an undisclosed six figure sum.

It's the first major move by any Australian sporting organisation into the world of esports. But why now, why Legacy, and what's the plan going forward? To get some answers, I had a chat with Nigel Smart, the chief operating officer of the Crows.


The word gaming house conjures images of sponsorships, professional competition and hardcore video games, but in Australia the reality is much more common: a group of guys and girls getting together, bringing their computers or TVs with them and turning a multi-bedroom house into a geeky fiefdom.

Legacy Esports have gone a step further with the ASUS ROG Gaming House, however, convincing the manufacturer to invest in their first gaming house anywhere in the world. But precisely how do you start from scratch and get everyone to invest in the idea of a house as a marketing platform? That's where Michael Carmody comes in.


The growth of League of Legends has been a massive boon for Australia's burgeoning esports scene, not just for the injection of players into competitive gaming but also the increased teams and organisations that have formed around it.

That growth continued yesterday in a massive way, with ASUS directly investing in their first gaming house anywhere in the world. And it's located in Lidcombe, 20 kilometres west of Sydney.