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Rob Daviau made a name for himself in the board gaming world with Risk Legacy. Since then, he's had a hand in the wildly successful Pandemic Legacy and a handful of other legacy games. These 'legacy' games feature on-going campaigns where players make permanent changes to the game as they play them, telling an emergent story.

Wizards of the Coast have just announced that Daviau has been working on Betrayal: Legacy, which adds the legacy gameplay mechanics to Betrayal At The House On The Hill


Gamers are a funny bunch. Board gamers, doubly so. We treasure our board games. We put plastic sleeves on our cards to keep our games immaculate and pristine. We do not tolerate spilled drinks.

So writing on the board (in permanent marker!), placing stickers, and ripping up cards is both incredibly disturbing, and therapeutically cathartic. Welcome to Seafall.


Exploration has always been at the heart of the Pokémon series. A young person strikes out on a monster collecting adventure, learning about the world around them along the way. My brief time with the Pokémon Go felt like that, albeit on a slightly smaller scale.