legend of grimrock

  • If You Want Indie Gaming News, You Just Have To Ask

    If You Want Indie Gaming News, You Just Have To Ask

    Earlier today, I tweeted explaining that for some mad reason Kotaku had left me alone at the wheel of their website today, and asked my followers for breaking AAA news to fill in the awkward holiday Monday-driven game-world silence. It turns out they don’t know what triple-A means, but what they heck, here’s the breaking…

  • Legend Of Grimrock 2 Leaves The Dungeons Behind For The Open World

    Last time we talked about Legend of Grimrock 2, the successor to the original game that gave the old-school dungeon crawling genre a kick in the pants, all we were given was a solitary screenshot. That’s changed dramatically however, with the new title due on 15 October, there are now multiple screenshots and even videos.…

  • You Can Now Enjoy Dungeon Editing Fun With Legend Of Grimrock

    If you thought you’d squeezed all the gaming goodness you could out of Legend of Grimrock, the indie PC game that brought the classic, turn-based RPG experience of yore screaming into 2012, then the recently released dungeon editor is the perfect opportunity to give the game another spin with your own custom content.