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Video: Let's break it down! That's what I'm angling for the new name of our weekly Overwatch chat series to be. We'll see, though. We'll see. This week, Cecilia, Heather and I talk about our favourite heroes, why we ended up gravitating toward them and how becoming competent with certain heroes has changed the way we play the game -- in good and bad ways.


Video: Let's talk Overwatch! We're back for another episode of our weekly chat series where we get together to talk about the ups and downs of the week in Overwatch. This week Cecilia, Nathan and I cover the new competitive season, how we feel about competitive play in general and which character is going to be "the new Genji" now that Genji's been nerfed.


Video: You will be shocked to hear this, but many of us on staff here at Kotaku play Overwatch. It's actually pretty unusual for so many of us to be playing the same game, so we thought we'd make some weekly videos where we casually chat about what's new with the game.