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For the sake of making their games more realistic, video game developers have done extensive research on all sorts of random or mundane things: parasitic fungi, game theory, gun sounds, paleobotany, and breast physics are just a few. Some of these subjects no doubt required expert commentary, academic research, and a genuine dedication of time and resources. Others might have simply required a cursory Google search.

Here is another topic — arguably more important than all of the ones listed above — that could be improved by any level of research: How to respectfully include queer people and cultures in video games.


In the early 90s, two queer people in the Mission District of San Francisco made games about queer experiences. One was a fantasy role-playing game populated by gay characters, the other a lesbian adventure game. These two developers would never meet.

It’s only now, through archival projects like LGBTQ Game Archive, that queer scholars have begun to piece together this history.