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YouTube is getting rid of its dedicated gaming app after it failed to find a big enough audience, the company announced today in a blog post. Instead, gaming-specific content and features will have a new, dedicated home within the main YouTube site.


Yesterday, Atlus warned Persona 5 players that if they show gameplay footage after a certain point in the game, Atlus will go after their channels with copyright claims and strikes. While some streamers aren't surprised by this policy, they have reacted with frustration at what they feel are measures that will negatively impact their channels.


It's a little bit shocking that you can make real money playing video games all day. For a certain generation, this was the dream: being a "streamer", one of the legion of men and women who live a joyful existence of being likeable while playing games on camera. Against all odds, it's an actual career path, but one that isn't as idyllic as you might think.


Razer effectively has one foot in the world of streaming and broadcasting with its range of headsets and studio-grade microphones. So it's hardly a surprise to see the peripheral manufacturer try to corner every aspect of the production process with a product to match.

But while the thought of having a Razer capture card to match your microphone, mouse, mouse pad, keyboard and laptop might be appealing, there's one small problem -- it's pretty damn expensive.