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It's the moment that ties the movie together. The moment in Mad Max: Fury Road when Furiosa (Charlize Theron) realises that the home she was taken from, the home she's been racing toward, is gone. Upon learning this information, she stumbles across the desert and screams.

Captured beautifully by director George Miller, it's a major turning point for the character and the story of how it happened is as powerful as the moment itself.

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In 2008, we were basically living in another world. The Marvel Cinematic Universe didn't exist, we were still recovering from George Lucas' Star Wars prequilogy, and Fantastic Four was - ok let's be honest, in about the same place it is now. These years have seen a renaissance in comic book films, along with a surge of high-concept science fiction and fantasy. These are the greatest movies of the past 10 years.


Part of the hype for Mad Max: Fury Road's incredible action scenes was the fact that minimum CGI was used, that everything was built and shot, with CGI mainly being used for touch-ups and contrast changes.

I understood that was part of the mythos around why the movie became such an instant classic.

But when you see it action. When you watch the un-CGI'd footage of the movie. Damn. How did no-one die during the making of this movie. Holy shit.


Mad Max may seem like the action-movie outlier among this year's Academy Awards nominees, but it's more than deserving of earnest consideration. In particular, I hope Fury Road wins Oscars for Best Director, Best Cinematography and Best Editing.


So the Oscar nominations came out recently and I have seen very little of them. The parents among you will understand -- it's tough to go to the movies when you have kids.

But I will say this -- I was super happy to see a film like Mad Max get so many nominations.


Blizzard has been able to recreate and reimagine characters and worlds from their existing IP for ages, so it's been nice seeing them flex their creative muscles with a new IP and a new set of faces.

The latest additions to the developer's team-based competitive shooter are painfully stereotypical, however. They're Australian. They're a little unhinged. And in a futuristic Earth that is supposedly more akin to the one we're living in, Overwatch's latest heroes come from an apocalyptic wasteland.


An alternative title could be, this is how you turn a negative into a positive. Ben Carpenter contends with spinal muscular atrophy, but that just provided inspiration for this amazing cosplay -- using his chair as the front of a Max Max car.


Mad Max: Fury Road opened in Japan a few days ago and it means one thing: Japanese fans are now ready to create crazy fan-art. One of the bests so far -- made by noted manga artist Takumi -- is heavily influenced by One Piece and creator Eiichiro Oda's style.


One of the things that really grabs you about Mad Max: Fury Road is just how much of the action is made up of practical effects. Those are real cars exploding and rolling around, which always looks cooler than the floaty vehicles CGI puts on the screen. That doesn't mean the movie was free of digital effects, though. Far from it.