The Mafia Series Is Getting Re-Released As Mafia: Trilogy [Update]

The Mafia Series Is Getting Re-Released As Mafia: Trilogy [Update]

Family. Power. Respect. Today we learned why the official Mafia Twitter account tweeted out those three words over the past couple of days, as 2K released a teaser trailer for Mafia: Trilogy. Update: A listing on the Xbox Marketplace for Mafia: Definitive Edition has appeared, complete with screenshots and an…

Original Mafia Is Available On GOG

Briefly: The first Mafia game is now available on GOG after years of being off stores like Steam. The uniquely period-appropriate open-world crime-a-thon is unfortunately missing its licensed music, but is otherwise intact and DRM-free. It’s a classic in most of, if not all, its glory. Worth checking out if…

An Important Part Of Video Games Happens In Our Imaginations

In 2008, Dear Esther asked players to do more than just press buttons on a controller. The game ask them to use their imagination to build a personal narrative. Eight years later, contemporary titles like Hitman and Mafia III are also catching on to the value of imaginative play.