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There are literally a gazillion Mai Shiranui figures. The King of Fighters character is a figurine favourite. Some of the figures are great. Some are good. Then, some are so-so, or bad, even.


Yuuri Morishita got her start as a booth companion back in 2003, appearing at events like the Tokyo Game Show. But by 2007, she was appearing as an on-stage guest to promote games. And now, she's releasing an x-ray video. Not x-rated, x-ray.


After sitting out fighting game The King of Fighters XII, jiggly ninja Mai Shiranui is returning for KOFXIII. And she's bringing butt floss with her.


It would seem that SNK's buxom ninja Mai Shiranui is popular with the Japanese gamer. Maybe it's the constantly flaunted T and A? That's just my theory, as I've begun to notice a trend in Mai's poses throughout her recent PVC incarnations. Max Factory took great care to expose both earlier this year, with Aizu Project being a bit more blatant about it. Now, Daiki Industry is giving it a go, artistically exhibiting Mai's obscene proportions with a nice arm shelf and a timely gust of wind. It's due out in March of next year for 14,700 yen (approximately $US 135 US) and will make for a nice centerpiece. Who's next?

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