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Super Mario Odyssey speedrunners often use glitches to grab tricky power moons or skip through major portions of the game. A new patch implemented alongside the new Luigi's Balloon World mode last week blocked some of those crucial tricks, slowing any runner who upgraded their game. Now, the community is trying to figure out what to allow in their runs and how to keep their leaderboards fair.


While playing Super Mario Odyssey, you'll occasionally come across portraits like the one pictured above.They are visual puzzles that lead players to hidden Power Moons. Odyssey calls them Hint Art, and there are 21 of them scattered throughout the game. They're visually intensive and clever, and they're a great addition to the arsenal of mini-games and sidequests in the Mario franchise.


If something is special to you, you want to be able to experience it in the purest way possible, momentarily free from everyday concerns and responsibilities, and most of all from the constant, uninterrupted din of the internet. But there's getting to experience a game fresh and then there's what Mario fans have been doing ever since Super Mario Odyssey released.