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Tax time isn't far away, which means it's time to start thinking about those four-figure deductions. A new work laptop usually fits the bill quite well. But which one should you get?

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When Huawei released the original MateBook X Pro last year, I’m not entirely sure the company knew what it had created. Huawei has only been in the laptop business for about three years, a relatively short time compared to industry veterans like Apple, Dell, Lenovo and others.

So when it made a premium 14-inch laptop with a gorgeous (though somewhat derivative) all aluminium body, top-notch specs, a stunning screen, and tricky pop-up webcam, and then priced it at just $1699 as if all those other features weren’t enough, it transformed the MateBook X Pro into my favourite ultraportable laptop of 2018.


There's been lots of good laptops in 2018, but not that many laptops to get truly excited about. Annoyingly, one of the best didn't seem like it was coming to Australia: Huawei's Matebook X Pro, a 3:2 clamshell with a Macbook-esque design and a dedicated GPU for less than other laptops. It's finally coming to Australia next week, and it's priced really well.