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Have you been waiting anxiously for more details on Neill Blomkamp's new movie Elysium? Well hang on -- this video is going to make your eyeballs explode.


It's not that Matt Damon doesn't like the action-heavy Bourne game, it seems he just doesn't like video games! Lev Chapelsky from Blindlight says they've tried to get him in games before, but Damon's not all that keen. Blindlight is responsible for helping to put Robert Downey Jr. in the Iron Man game and Edwart Norton into The Incredible Hulk game. According to Chapelsky:


Today's special update isn't just a special update, it's a Matt Damon special update. Yesterday, we brought word that according to MTV Matt Damon had walked out of negotiations to appear in the Bourne game, believing it was too violent. Or something! MTV now brings word that Matt Damon never explicitly stated he was against the violence, but just seemed disinterested in the project. According to Damon:

I lobbied hard to not make a first-person shooter game but to make it more like Myst, which was a great interesting puzzle you tried to solve — you know, to play with his amnesia or his memory... They weren't interested.

Apparently while filming the Bourne movies, nobody told Damon he wasn't starring in Memento. That's too bad. Update: Matt Damon Didn't Speak


Just because Matt Damon has been in some violent Bourne movies, doesn't mean he's gonna be in some violent Bourne game. No way! Originally Damon was in negotiations to lend his voice and likeness to the Sierra published game, but pulled out. Apparently he had issues with the game's violence. Since Matt Damon's publicist refused to comment, time to see what Matt Damon's mother thinks. Matt Damon's mother, the floor is yours: