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Celeste is a perfect a platformer as has ever been made. Its mixture of charming visuals, fantastic music, and challenging levels added up to one of 2018’s best games. That seemed to be the end of it; the story was over, the mountain was climbed. But a final epilogue chapter, added this week, brings a whole new level of challenge. This ninth chapter, Farewell, pushes Celeste to unparalleled heights and might just be one of the smartest things I’ve played all year.


Speedrunners can rush through Celeste in about 30 minutes, but collecting everything and completing all challenges is much trickier. Yesterday, someone finally completed a 114% speedrun, collecting all hidden items and completing the game's most difficult levels without dying.


Celeste is pure. Each room offers new challenges, but the solution is always the same: jump. Jumping is remixed in dozens of different, exciting ways. Celeste is the very soul of simplicity, and that's what makes it such a beautiful game.