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Most mechanical keyboard switches have two positions -- off and on. Either the key is activated, or it's not. The switches in the Wooting One keyboard are different. Like the analogue trigger on a gamepad, they detect a range of motion. I wouldn't say it's something every PC gamer needs, but it can definitely change the way they play games on a keyboard.


A good mechanical keyboard can make any computer setup really click, but with so many different layouts, mechanical switch types and extra features to choose from, finding a good starter board can be a daunting tasks. We're here to help.


Sleek mechanical keyboards that strip away lesser-used keys in favour of a smaller footprint are picking up, but some people just can't do without that number pad. Vortex's new Vibe keyboard is a nice compromise, with some outstanding keycaps on top.


There are a lot of big-name peripheral manufacturers making mechanical keyboards, but a search for the term "mechanical keyboard" on Amazon yields a ton of keyboards from companies you've probably never heard of. Such as Vava, makers of the relatively good $US80 ($100) no-name mechanical I've been typing on for the past week.


Many of today's mechanical "gaming" keyboards are innocuous devices that are just at home in an office as they are a game room. Corsair's K95 RGB Platinum is not one of those. It's a brushed aluminium boat of a keyboard with dedicated macro keys, a silver volume wheel and extra RGB lighting, just in case.