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Mega Man 11 is a fine game, and a worthy eleventh entry in a series that once set the bar for tricky platformers. It also feels oddly shallow, the latest iteration of a formula that has gone largely unchanged for decades.

Mega Man 11 is great at being a Mega Man game. Maybe that’s why it didn’t do much for me.


It's been eight years since the last Mega Man game, and after the disappointing spiritual successor Mighty No. 9, it's fair for us all to wonder: Is Mega Man 11 actually going to be any good? The answer, from what I've played so far, is yes.


Could 2018 be as solid a year as 2017? Possibly not. But you couldn't piss off a gardener as a goose in 2017, there wasn't a new Mega Man game, and most people thought Telltale had forgotten about The Wolf Among Us entirely. And that's just some of what we can look forward to this year.