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Before the first R18+ game, before Gamers 4 Croydon, South Australian Attorney-General Michael Atkinson knew his stance against adult video games in Australia could not last. His final stand took place in his own electorate of Croydon, a small suburb of Adelaide. There, a small, determined group of gamers did their level best to put a fatal dent into Michael Atkinson's re-election hopes. He was the one man standing between Australia and an adult classification for video games. They wanted to take him down.

Atkinson would win the battle, but he ultimately lost the war.


Former QLD Premier Peter Beattie has an opinion piece up on The Australian telling of his trip to this year's E3, in which he expresses mild embarrassment for Australia after repeatedly being asked why we're the only Western country without the rating.

In the piece he also claims that most of the Standing Committee of Attorneys-General have agreed on the rating, with the exception of South Australia.


Gamepron reports that Mike Rann, who remains SA Premier after the recent election, has announced his new cabinet with John Rau in the position of Attorney-General. Michael Atkinson, long opposed to an R18+ rating for video games in Australia, decided to step down from the Attorney-General position after winning his election over the weekend, but will remain on the back bench until 2014. As for his stance on R18+...


South Australia's ex Attorney-General (man, it feels good to say that) Michael Atkinson has won the recent election, before promptly stepping down from the front bench. He will stay in parliament until 2014, but has no more say over our classification scheme for video games.


No matter what the statistics, the research, or the weight of public opinion say, Atkinson has his feet firmly planted in concrete when it comes to classification reform. His position is based on his personal opinions, not facts. What do you do to fight that? Today we're wondering, would it be best to stop paying him any attention?


South Australian Attorney-General Michael Atkinson says the upcoming state election will see a "real contest" in his seat of Croydon. Atkinson has also taunted Gamers 4 Croydon - the pro R18+ party challenging him - by predicting they will engage in "criminal activities and dirty tricks" during the campaign.


We've noticed that whenever he talks about video game classification, Michael Atkinson hammers on the same stock phrases again and again: vulnerable adults, depraved sex, extreme violence. You've noticed it, too.