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Thanks to the wonder that is Australia Post, most people who pre-ordered the Mini SNES will get their retro console sometime today. But as was the case with the Mini NES, the question remains: how good is the Mini SNES's emulation?


The Super Nintendo Classic is a miniature blast of nostalgia, a sleekly packaged piece of hardware that will transport you back to the days of Dunkaroos and denim jackets. Although one could certainly complain about some of the choices Nintendo has made, this is a mostly great package that highlights how well the 16-bit era's classics hold up, especially compared the generation before.

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Nintendo can claim that sticking with wired controllers makes its SNES Classic Edition a more authentic retro gaming experience, but in reality it's probably just a cost-saving measure. Wrangling controller cables isn't a part of your childhood worth reliving, however, so Nyko once again has mercifully bestowed gamers with an affordable wireless alternative.