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Earlier this year NVIDIA announced they would be bringing their in-game photography tech, Ansel, to a whole range of games as the year rolled out. It's incredibly cool, and you can take some remarkably gorgeous shots with it.

Alternatively, you can be a massive dickhead like me and check out everyone's dental work.


Mirror's Edge Catalyst seemed like one of those games that was never going to happen, a sequel to a beloved game that wasn't exactly a best-selling hit. Fans who have been waiting for more beautiful free-running are happy that it's coming out soon, but some don't like how it's handling its upgrades.


Mirror's Edge: Catalyst is sneaking up on us. It comes out on May 24 and I feel like we're too busy playing Dark Souls III and thinking about Uncharted 4: A Thief's End to notice.

Here's 17 minutes of gameplay to remind you that this game exists.


Oh thank goodness. During EA's E3 press conference, the company said that Faith "doesn't need any guns", which prompted a collective sigh of relief so powerful that it nearly levelled the city of Los Angeles. However, there was still doubt. She might not need them, but would guns -- perhaps the single worst aspect of the original Mirror's Edge; clunky, unnecessary, at odds with the rest of the game's forward-motion-heavy philosophy -- still be around?