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This is how you do downloadable content. I have nothing but good things to say about Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate's DLC. Today, the developers released a new batch of content, all of it free. It includes new quests, Palicos, weapons, and gear -- including some stuff themed after The Legend of Zelda. The DLC lets you craft Link's Master Sword and shield, as well as his signature tunic and bow.


If you've never played Monster Hunter, then Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is the best jumping-on point -- but it's still hella confusing to the uninitiated. There are so many menus and icons and confusing screens of help text, and there's quite a lot to do before you can just grab a weapon and kill something with it. Naturally, you'll get a feel for all of it as you go on, and the game does a better job than any of its predecessors at easing you in, but ideally you need a friend to give you some help.


Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate has thus far been 60 hours of The Adventures of Me and My Cat. We've had some great times. Once, my cat got stuck under the claws of a Rathian -- your average fire-breathing dragon -- and I had to whack it in the head with a hammer to get it off. Another time my cat took one look at a Gore Magala -- a darkness-spewing night-black hulk of evil -- and ran away, leaving me to deal with it alone. (That didn't go well.) He once saved me from being eaten by running over and bonking me on the head to wake me up after a giant spider sent me to sleep.