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Meet Lorenzen Patsatzoglou. He's a better scorer than Steph Curry, a stronger rebounder than DeAndre Jordan and, although this may sound a bit premature, I'd say he might go down as the best player in NBA history. Or at least NBA video game history.


Sony unleashed its latest major software update for the PS4 on the world last night, and with it came Remote Play on PC and Mac. The idea is pretty attractive, especially for those with families or large sharehouses where there's a high possibility of the TV being in use. I've toyed around with Remote Play for a number of hours across a variety of games. And so far it's pretty impressive -- with a few caveats.


There are few better sports stories than the rise of Stephen Curry, a breathtaking human cheat code who may go down as the best shooter in NBA history. He's so good, in fact, that NBA 2K doesn't know how to capture him.


The very nature of the game opens up 2K's NBA series for competition, but the publisher has finally decided to take things to the next level by throwing enough money at their basketball franchise to start their version of an esport.