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NBA Playgrounds was pitched as a spiritual successor to the iconic NBA Jam games, which sounds like the perfect sort of game for the Switch. But it's got some key flaws, and it's also the first game I've played on the Switch that has made me think about how underpowered the Switch really is.


NBA Playgrounds' trailer -- indeed, its entire existence -- is a throwback to arcade sports games like NBA Jam and NBA Street. The kind of experiences where you don't even need to be a fan of the sport in question to be able to jump on, learn a few moves, and have a good time.


If you're a fan of old games, I have good news: this week is all about the nostalgia. Top of the pile we've got STRAFE, a procedurally generated, very 90's looking shooter. And right next to that channelling the spirit of one of the best arcade games of the same era is NBA Playgrounds, which pretty much everyone and their dog swears is just a new NBA Jam.

Sounds alright to me. But let's see what else will be hitting shelves physical and digital this week.