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  • Whatever Happens, Johnny Football Is A Video Game Legend

    By all rights, Johnny Manziel should have engraved his name on the Heisman Trophy yesterday. He quarterbacks one of college football’s most archetypal brands, the Texas A&M Aggies, and has had an outstanding season running the nation’s most demanding gantlet, the Southeastern Conference. On Saturday he and A&M deposed Alabama, the No. 1 team and…

  • New Getups Now Available For Free In NCAA 13

    NCAA Football 13‘s “Uniform Store”, meant to deliver the latest variants on the college football getups you see on the TV, finally has some threads to offer. Twenty-three uniforms are now available through the feature — free — although it is not yet accessible through the PlayStation 3.

  • How To Punish Penn State — From The Comfort Of Your Living Room

    When the NCAA leveled crippling sanctions against Penn State a week ago, harshly penalising the football power for its lack of institutional control in a 13-year sexual abuse scandal, it wasn’t long before I was asked if the NCAA Football series, this year or in the future, would incorporate any of these bans and restrictions.