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Launched today in Europe and North America, Master X Master (MXM) is an free-to-play PC action MOBA featuring WASD movement and a tag system that lets players bring their choice of two NCsoft all-star champions (Masters) into the arena at once, swapping them out on the fly.


After my first month in NCsoft's martial arts MMO Blade & Soul I hit a wall. I wasn't annoyed or frustrated. In fact up to that point I'd been enjoying myself immensely. I was satisfied with what I had played, and felt no need to continue. That's odd, right?


This is actually a good look for me. One of several good looks that highlight one of my favourite features of kung fu MMO Blade & Soul: playing dress up.


Technically I know advanced assassination techniques, but it's all a sort of Kung Fu as far as NCsoft's latest Korean import is concerned. Check out my impressions after one week of that sort of fighting -- you know, the one everyone is doing.


Wildly popular Korean fantasy MMO Blade & Soul finally launches in North America and Europe tomorrow. Check out the thrilling opening sequence players in the early head start are experiencing over and over right now.


The Summoner class in Blade & Soul, NCsoft's latest massively multiplayer Korean import, get to choose a feline companion to fight by their side for the rest of their days. There are other classes to play in the current closed beta, but they are not important.


The subscription-based model for MMOs is well and truly dead. With the exception of stalwarts such as Blizzard's World of Warcraft, it seems every massively-multiplayer online game eventually switches to free-to-play. In the case of NCSoft's WildStar, it took less than a year for the developer to drop the need for regular payments, in exchange for optional costs.