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If you’ve played any Hearthstone since the Boomsday expansion launched in August, you’ve probably gotten destroyed by a couple of cards time and time again. Earlier this week, Blizzard announced that three of those cards will be getting nerfed, and today those nerfs are live.


The desert soldier Azir has been a powerful presence for much of League of Legends' current season, with the mage being picked or banned in practically every major tournament game. Now little more than a month away from the World Championship, Riot is finally knocking the guy down a peg.


You know what people say when admiring the glory of real-world teenagers: "They grow up so fast." The same goes for League of Legends characters. You just have to replace "grow up so fast" with "received a number of small but not insignificant changes over the course of many, many patches." My, how time flies!


Riot put out a new patch for League of Legends this week -- an occasion that the game's legions of fans always await with bated breath. Anticipation curdled into disappointment once players realised the developer had made some unwelcome changes that could have a profound impact on one of the competitive multiplayer game's key team positions: the jungler.