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Ni no Kuni II is out, and it’s easy enough that you probably won’t need much strategy to get through the story. But it’s also got some unique systems, including an elaborate kingdom-building feature that can be a little overwhelming. Here are some tips on how to get the most out of the whole game.


Yesterday in New York City, I had a chance to sit down with an early build of the beautiful upcoming role-playing game Ni no Kuni 2. It is much, much different than its predecessor.


It is with great sadness that I report that I have delayed yet another game: Ni no Kuni 2 is now coming out in January. The role-playing game, a PS4 and PC sequel to the 2013 PS3 game Ni no Kuni, was previously scheduled for November.


Echoing Mark's thoughts, I've a good feeling that quite a few of the year's best titles will be the ones that we simply haven't heard of. Take the Nintendo Switch: nobody knows what's landing on that this year. And then every year has little indies that pop up out of nowhere, like Stardew Valley last year, or Her Story the year before that.

With that in mind, here's the games that we do know about - and the ones I'm most excited for.