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Less than a year after it was formally announced, the team behind screenPLAY announced that the show had been cancelled. It's the second cancellation of a show about video games from a major broadcaster in two years, and as expected, fans have been vocal in their displeasure at Channel Seven's decision.


There's a neat visual trick when you visit the screenPLAY studios at Channel Seven. After exiting the first floor, you walk through what could be any ordinary office building towards a set of double doors. Those open to a much larger passageway with black floors and black walls, what you'd expect from a standard TV studio.

There's another set of double doors, and I'm told that we're heading to what used to be called the SWOMP - Seven West Olympic Meeting Place. But you don't get that sense in the preceding corridor, a narrow set of black, glossy walls. It's a touch cramped, almost mysterious. And then the doors to the SWOMP, now the screenPLAY studio, opens.


The set is huge. Absolutely huge. There's even a disused cinema.

It's not what you expect. And as Hex and Nichboy, former Good Game hosts, explained to me afterwards, that's kinda the idea.