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Who remembers Monolith's Blood? One of several games made during the 90s on Ken Silverman's Build engine, Blood distinguished itself by having a ridiculous array of weapons, from dynamite bundles and voodoo dolls to dual-wielding weapons (not a unique feature, but uncommon for the period). Now, it looks like we're getting a "reboot", thanks to Atari, with Nightdive Studios taking up the developer reins.


The last time we checked in on Nightdive Studios and its remake of System Shock, the developer had made the decision to put on the brakes, after realising the game was moving too far away from the original. Since then, Nightdive has delivered regular updates via its Kickstarter page, with the latest news offering a glimpse of what an enhanced -- but faithfully-adapted -- System Shock would look like.


Nightdive Studios has released the Mac source code for the original System Shock under GPL. Recovered by OtherSide Entertainment, helmed by LGS' very own Paul Neurath, all and sundry can now check it out on GitHub and even create their own versions. Not that this is likely to happen, given how ancient it is, but hey, at least it's possible.


A game swapping engines mid-development is -- to put it mildly -- a risky proposition. Assets have to be redone, code ported or even cooked from scratch and developers have to acquaint themselves with new tools and workflows. However, in the case of Nightdive Studios and its System Shock remake and its surprise shift from Unity to Unreal, game director Jason Fader believes they've "mitigated [the] risk by switching early".


Originally slated for a December 2017 release, a Kickstater update from developer Nightdive Studios has revealed a potential new date for the game -- early-mid 2018. Happy news, it is not, but not that much longer a wait when all is considered... if it even is delayed.