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In contrast to Mark, the difficulty I had with this was keeping games that weren't released in 2015 off the list. I did a lot of exploring in 2015, and participating in a fortnightly game challenge also meant I was working through my back catalogue more than I ordinarily would have been.

But that's not to say that there weren't plenty of new releases worth paying attention to. If anything, 2015 has probably been the best year for releases since the launch of the new consoles. So without further delay, here's my unordered selection of what I thoroughly enjoyed from the last 12 months.


When I was hired, one of the fun parts of the process was seeing the different preferences play out between Mark and I. He comes from more of an arcade/console background. I grew up playing MicroProse simulators. We like very different things. So when it came to our picks of 2015, it was always going to be fun seeing where we diverged.

I swear to god: I did not see things playing out this way.