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This winter's breakout anime was, undeniably, Mob Psycho 100. From the creator of 2015's viral anime One-Punch Man, Mob Psycho 100's first season was an absurd, psychedelic feast drawn up by Studio BONES. Its frenzied art style is unmatched by any other contemporary anime, although Masaaki Yuasa-directed titles like Mind Game or Kaiba come close in spirit. Mob Psycho 100's art reaches expressive heights unexplored by similarly shōnen-tinged titles.


Mob Psycho 100, this summer's soon-to-be-hit anime about a psychic middle school boy, premiered today. From the creators of One-Punch Man, Mob Psycho 100 looks as if Fooly Cooly's flawlessly erratic animation style met Paprika levels of psychedelica, all wrapped in a One-Punch Man burrito of action/humour. The anime's first episode is a special, confident blend of over-the-top animation and bone-dry humour.


It's only been a few years since putting a few simple LED lights in your costume was enough to blow everyone's mind and win competitions -- but cosplay has become far more technical in the last few years. Take this Genos cosplay by Diegator that not only lights up, but is also gesture-activated, programmable to any colour and animated in a cool sequence that looks just like the real deal.


One Punch Man is an anime/manga/web-comic about a superhero so powerful he can end any fight with one punch. It's the best. I am going to try my best to explain why. But the truth is -- I don't really understand it myself.

Like any good anime hero, I'll do my best. Ganbare Yo!