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In the first game of last weekend's ROG Masters grand finals, Team Empire was playing back from a huge deficit. Their barracks and towers were down, and their all-important ancient was wide open. How did they come back? By going straight for the enemy's ancient.


Imagine it's the end of the month. The new NBA season is about to start just days later, but right before that, a majority of the Los Angeles Lakers' owners decided to cut their losses with the team and sign a new one. With a once proud legacy firmly in the rear-view mirror, they'd had enough. New blood was needed.


You may remember a big Counter-Strike: Go competition that the Crown ran a little while back. It was well run, featured international clans like Cloud9 (which Immunity beat), and doled out around $55,000 in prize money. Now they're back at it with a Call of Duty competition, kicking off today -- and the prize money has been bumped up to $70,000.