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I love when Nintendo games aren't afraid to be weird. Paper Mario: Color Splash is funnier and more irreverent than anything else on the Wii U, occupying a strange, occasionally conflicted territory somewhere between platform-adventure and RPG.


Prediction: Below this article there will be comments lamenting that the new Wii U Paper Mario game isn't really a role-playing game. Someone will complain that it is similar to Paper Mario: Sticker Star. Someone else will lament that it is not very similar to Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door. These are sure things in life.


The developer was cheerful. The game she had me play was fun. But the title that Nintendo producer Risa Tabata was demonstrating last month at E3, Paper Mario: Color Splash, has turned out to be the third major video game sequel set for release later this year that has already been walloped with pre-release backlash.