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They're pretty much the go-to studio when it comes to grand strategy games. Hell, they might even become the go-to studio for grand strategy/4X hybrids once Stellaris launches later this year. God knows that'll be interesting.

But in the meantime let's talk business. Because that's what Paradox Interactive wants to do. They're thinking big. Stock market big.


Cities: Skylines is a very good video game, but in my review, I noted it had a few problems. I also noted, however, that most of those could probably be fixed with mods, and that's exactly what's already happening.


Well-liked city-building game Cities: Skylines is getting a meaty update today. The good news about the update is that it adds tunnels and more than 50 European-style buildings to the game. The (potentially) bad news is that it end up breaking some mods in the process — at least for now.